Academic History


The University of Queensland
2020 — 2022

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

From August 2020 to June 2021, I served as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow with the Centre for Applications in Natural Resource Mathematics, and then with the ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical & Statistical Frontiers. Some of my research included investigating environmental impacts on fishery risk, exploring reinforcement learning methods for managing restless multi-armed bandits and developing new methods for rare-event simulation via generative neural networks. I also supervised a Master of Data Science student's capstone industry project during this time.
The University of Queensland
2016 — 2020

Mathematics and Physics Tutor

I tutored several mathematics, physics and data science courses during my postgraduate studies. This included teaching tutorial, practical and contact classes, preparing lessons, working with other tutors and marking assessments. Some subjects included: calculus, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, electromagnetism, and statistical methods for data science.


The University of Queensland
School of ITEE
2019 — 2020

Master of Data Science

With a GPA of 6.82/7.00, I studied a range of theoretical and practical content including deep learning, data mining, database systems and operations research. In my capstone project titled, Categorical Vector Clustering: Revealing hidden features of votes and voters, I developed a recommender-system-like model based on a denoising autoencoder to classify voters and items into latent classes and predict missing votes using these classifications.
The University of Queensland
2016 — 2019

Doctor of Philosophy (Physics)

As a member of the Optical-tweezers Micromanipulation Group, I completed my thesis under the supervision of Halina Rubinsztein-Dunlop, Timo Nieminen, and Alexander Stilgoe. The thesis, titled "Hydrodynamic forces in optical tweezers", focused on the mathematical and computational modeling of fluid dynamics in optical tweezers systems. This included developing new theories that facilitated record-breaking experiments and applying machine learning techniques to streamline the computation of complex fluid dynamics. During my candidature, in addition to coauthoring several publications, I also presented my research at multiple international conferences, including APPC-AIO Congress 2016 and AIP 2018.
The University of Queensland
2011 — 2015

Bachelor of Science (Honours)/ Bachelor of Arts

I pursued a dual Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in Mathematics and Physics. During the initial phase (2011-2014), I achieved a GPA of 6.66/7.00. In 2015, I completed an honours year in Physics, earning first class honours with a GPA of 6.75/7.00. As a participant in the Advanced Study Program in Science (ASPinS) and the UQ Summer Research Scholarship Programs for three consecutive years, I actively engaged in research throughout my undergraduate studies. This research was presented at various conferences, including the UQ ASPinS Undergraduate Research Conferences (2011-2013) and the UQ Undergraduate Research Conferences (2012-2013), where I won the best poster award in 2012. In 2015, I interned at The Simulation Group, where I contributed to the AnyLogic simulation of Brisbane's proposed Bus and Train tunnel. Throughout my studies, my academic achievements were recognised with multiple Dean's Commendations for High Achievement/Academic Excellence.